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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Illinois State Police defying judges’ expungement orders?

Great article from a Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell about the former Illinois Governor's executive practices:

Every time you turn over a rock left by the Rod Blagojevich administration, something ugly crawls out.

The latest is a mess with the Illinois State Police.

An investigation by the Chicago Reporter, a monthly investigative publication on race and poverty, found that the state agency has refused to enforce about 1,800 of 21,000 expungement and sealing orders mandated by state judges.

You can find the full story by going to the Chicago Reporter's Web site at

Earlier this week, Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan demanded the State Police immediately conduct an audit to determine the exact number of orders at issue, to comply with court orders and to devise a strategy to reach those people impacted by this issue.

"They are not following the law. I am curious about their reasons," Madigan said during an interview. "We've sent off a letter to the director trying to find out what is going on."

Four years ago, Illinois lawmakers who represent districts with large African-American and Latino populations were celebrating legislation that was designed to make it easier for ex-offenders to re-integrate into society.

It was a hard-fought victory.

But amending the state law was no easy task despite the obvious. If a person with a minor criminal record is prevented from landing even a low-paying job, aren't we just setting them up for a return trip to prison?

Madigan says she intends to meet with Governor Quinn on Friday about this issue.

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