Wednesday, May 23, 2007

How do you survive?

One cannot help but wonder how government can hope to reduce employment, food stamps, government housing, and associated assistance at the expense of tax payers when a rap sheet is a life sentence.

Earlier this week we had a "picture perfect" example.

A citizen in the State of Texas was receiving government aid VIA food stamps and government housing for a misdemeanor petty theft charge in 1999. She completed probation and paid all court imposed fines and fees.

Denied employment at most major corporations because of her rap sheet, she searched long and hard for a job most Americans would snub their noses at that wouldn't run a criminal background check. Finally, this lady found a job at a "mom and pop" convenience store as a full-time cashier with no benefits.

In 2006 she was caught working, yes, working at a job, charged with "Defrauding the Government," and jailed for 120 days. She decided government aid wouldn't be enough to get her and her children new clothes, better housing, and off food stamps.

What would the government have her do? Why should a mistake from 1999 destroy her future and possibly that of her children? When did a simple mistake become a life sentence? How will she survive now with a misdemeanor and a felony on her record?

Many of our critics do not like the fact or even the idea that citizens can have anything removed from their criminal record. Put yourself in this lady's shoes and re-think your philosophy.