Monday, March 29, 2010

Records Removal Services' new online Client Service Center receives an A+ ( 98.3%) approval rating

In a recent poll of Records Removal Services' clients, 98.3% of clients rated our new online Client Service Center with an A+ rating and stated they would recommend Records Removal Services to others for removing their criminal history!


SECURITY:  Your personal information is protected by 256-bit SSL security.

IMMEDIATE CASE INTEGRATION:   Once you have paid your bill in full (as well as completed and returned all forms) our new system will place your case in queue to be exported to the appropriate form and mailed to you!

BILLING:  You now have complete control over your bill! Not only does the system generate an invoice and email it to you, but you have complete control over when payments will be deducted from your account (for clients on payment plans), and you can update your billing information anytime! You can pay your bill (both clients mailing in payments, and clients who have declined transactions) instantly of having to take the time to call a representative.

ELIMINATION OF EMAILS:  Electronic communication is never secure, and there is always the possibility someone could read your private and sensitive information if you save your emails; our new secured Client Services Tickets eliminates all unsecured emails!