Saturday, October 16, 2010

Texas Assistant Principal suspended for failure to disclose criminal history

Arlington, TX: A school assistant principal in Texas who exposed alleged wrongdoing in the school that employed him may wind up losing his job due to nondisclosure of his own past.

A UPI report dated 10/07/2010 relates the story of Joseph Palazzolo, an assistant principal with Arlington Heights High School currently on paid suspension. Palazzolo told UPI that administrators with the school board that has jurisdiction for Arlington High are recommending he be dismissed from his job because Palazzolo, it is alleged, failed to disclose his criminal history when he applied for his job in 2007.

That criminal history, according to the UPI report, includes a guilty plea to a federal misdemeanor charge in 1997 for failure to pay past-due child support, according to court records cited by the Star-Telegram newspaper of Forth Worth.

NOTE: Though federal crimes are no more serious than State crimes, the federal government has failed to "catchup" to the States in criminal record seals, expungement, or non-disclosures laws. Currently the federal government offers no way to seal or expunge federal criminal records; only a pardon VIA the United States Pardon Attorney may be an option.

For his part, Palazzolo said that in his view the campaign to have him terminated from his Texas labor and employment was borne from his efforts to blow the whistle on alleged wrongdoings.